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My Story

My journey to well-being hasn’t been an easy one. I have struggled with severe acne and digestive issues, self-hatred and loneliness. I tried out tons of different 'methods' to feel better again. Some worked a little, some not at all, and others made me feel even worse, as it eventually resulted in the development of an eating disorder.


Simply said, all the information I found out there and the different advice I received made me feel overwhelmed, confused and stressed out. I was getting really frustrated and was about to lose all hope... Until I realized something that changed my life for the better. 

I realized that we, as an individual, are and have everything that we need to feel well and to live a good life. That is why the answer I was looking for couldn't be found outside of myself. I had to turn inward and connect with myself to find out what was right for me. And when I did, I went from feeling weak, sick and sad to feeling strong, healthy and happy.


And now I am here. Helping other people realize the same and teaching them how to restore the connection with themselves, so they can figure out what it is that they need to feel well and to live a fulfilling life.



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"Feeling a strong connection with myself made me feel empowered, healthy and happy. Everyone deserves to feel that way. Including you."

My approach: holistic, optimistic, and simplistic

I believe we are not 'one thing' seperate from 'another thing'. I believe we are a multi-layered being, connected to everything and everyone. Therefore, I take a holistic approach to well-being and to the self in general. When I work with someone, I explore all the layers that make up the human being: the physical layer, the emotional layer, the mental layer, and the spiritual layer. Beneath all these layers, we will find your true self

I pride myself for my optimistic outlook on life. It has brought me far in my life; it has kept me alive. My hope for a better future and a better self has now transformed into trust. I trust myself and the universe that life gives me what I need. And I trust that you are also here for a reason and that you will be able to find this reason and this fulfillment in life by restoring and strengthening the connection with yourself. There always is a bright side to life; an opportunity to grow and heal. Together we will find and seize this opportunity using tools from Positive Psychology.

Life can seem so complicated sometimes. Because we make it into a complicated mess. Our minds do that. Your mind is a great and useful tool, for certain things, but it also tends to complicate things. By strengthening the connection with all the layers of yourself, you will find out that the answers you were looking for are already there, loud and clear. This way, life can actually become quite simple. As I guide you to tune into yourself, you will learn to simplify and clarify your needs and with that your life. And I will also try to keep things simple for you; no unnecessary BS.

"When we realize everything is connected to everything else, we can start to heal ourselves."


I am an Applied Psychologist (BSc) specialized in Healthy Ageing and Coaching. Both as a part of and apart from my degree I have coached several young adults to help them reconnect with themselves, reach their personal goals or to help them out of a problematic situation, using the tools mentioned below. Over the years, I have expanded my 'toolbox' with methods and knowledge that help me help you. See an overview of these tools below.

My Toolbox

  • Applied Psychology (BSc)

    • Behavior Modification

    • Solution-focused Coaching

    • Motivational Interviewing

    • Rational Emotive Therapy

    • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • Positive Psychology

  • Mindfulness training

  • The Science of Well-Being (online course, Yale University)

  • Energy Healing: Pranic Healing and Reiki I & II

  • Astrology (Western/tropical)

  • My personal life experiences

In my coaching sessions I will/can use one or more of these tools to help you reconnect with yourself, to reach a set goal or to resolve an issue. 

My Professional Experiences

Besides my experience studying Applied Psychology and coaching people, I have also worked with international exchange students for over three years to help them integrate in the Netherlands and deal with stress-related issues for YFU.


Past &:

  • Facilitator for the Mindful Student Group: group sessions focused around mindfulness for (international) students and young adults for the Stichting Sedna Herstelacademie in Groningen, The Netherlands;

  • Internship supervisor and coordinator for Stichting Edanz in Groningen, the Netherlands;

  • Coach and buddy for teenagers with learning and/or mental disabilities as an employee for Team050, for 4+ years.

  • Research assistant for a project on positive health in collaboration with Stichting WijzOud in Twente, the Netherlands, the University Medical Center of Groningen (UMCG) and the University of Groningen.

Current jobs:

  • Facilitator for Mediflow: group sessions focused around meditation, embodiment and connection exercises. Taking place every two weeks at EdanZ center in Groningen, The Netherlands (;


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