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Reconnect with your true self

Lovingly guiding you on

your journey back to yourself.

Applied Psychologist (BSc)

Holistic Self-Connection Coach

No one but you can tell you who you are and what you need to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. 

So let's tune in and listen
to what inner messages want to be heard.

Do you want to feel more grounded, centered and safe in your body?

Do you want to better understand your emotions and feelings and find ways to let it flow?

Do you want to let go of negative thought patterns and learn how to use the mind as a powerful tool?

Do you want to connect more deeply to your soul's wisdom and let yourself be guided?

Do you want to deepen your connections with loved ones?

​Let me be your guide as you embark on your journey back to yourself.
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Hi there!

My name is Marije and I am an Applied Psychologist and Holistic Self-Connection Coach. I am here to guide you on your journey back to yourself.


Reconnecting with and learning how to trust myself is what allowed me to move forward in my life. I noticed: the stronger and deeper my connection with myself, the happier and healthier I feel. Because only then do I know what I need to feel fulfilled.

Now, I have made it my mission to teach you how to tune into your true self, so you can discover what it is that you need to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

"When we realize everything is connected to everything else, we can start to heal ourselves."

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Marije Mulder - Well Connected Being

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